TAS Eco Systems presents:


The 'Wall' a (5 res)

The ‘Wall’ is primarily an internal, breathable filter system made from our unique 100% zero carbon hemp bricks.

The structure is a custom designed slab that protrudes from a main wall, dividing an open space in a living room, bedroom, or any habitable space where a cleaner atmosphere is desired.
Not only does the wall have an amazing ability to absorb huge amounts of CO₂ and moisture, it also releases a cleaner, purified air.
Our ‘walls’ are also a feature of beauty within a living room. Our partition walls may have custom cut-out window type holes with glass sills that reflect fibre optic light of chosen colours. These low level lights give a sense of calm that complement the Omni present Monolith.

The ‘Wall’ functions in a human breathing type way, except in reverse. Although this plant based material has been through a natural curing process, its high density properties still want to behave like a tree and regulate the atmosphere of any room it's sited in.

From its beginning as a plant, whereby it absorbed carbon dioxide and released oxygen, it naturally wants to behave in a similar way after processing. Like any type of filtration system, yet without any need of mechanical attachment.

Beyond the ‘walls’ ostentatiousness is a cool slab that can be sited anywhere, either in the middle of an open space or jutting out dividing a section of an apartment. From slate grey to slick charcoal and with rough/fine texture, including outline-staggered shapes, the bricks can be slightly visible or rendered smooth depending on the customer’s choice of design. Further, the wall may have openings of any shape then highlighted with LED lights or fibre optics through glass making it the apartments ideal focal point from the openings set within the window reveals. 

The 'Wall' in situ' a (5 res)


The mineral content of the TAS ECO BRICK are responsible for its mechanical hardness, its incredible density and excellent thermal inertia result in a brick wall of low thermal conductivity (0,1875 W/ m•K) and high specific thermal capacity (1303 kJ/ m³•K) possessing thermo-physical characteristics that protect against both, cold and hot climactic periods. All this, ‘one brick’ thick for internal or external construction.


The ecological impact of production is negligible compared to traditional materials like concrete:
No carbon energy expenditure in production.
No impact on the environment.
Beneficial to landfill.
Great acoustic absorption.
Low thermal conductivity and high specific thermal capacity.
Ability to bio climactically regulate the moisture in the atmosphere.
From its original photo synthesis function, continues to purify the surrounding air after processing.
Immense ‘breathability’, by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing a cleaner air.

1: The structural components are extremely strong and can be used in load-bearing walls or as lintels.

2: It possesses extremely high thermal insulation, reducing energy loss and costs of any building project giving a healthy room climate and pleasant acoustic harmony.

3: Our hemp brick is 100% recyclable.

The ‘Walls’ ECO BRICK is designed for a long life time, similarly like historical building materials, it actually increases in hardness rather than deteriorate over time. Unlike cement, recycling is easily achieved because demolition bricks can be powdered and put back in the mix for the production of TAS ECO BRICK or hemp-mortars once again.
TAS eco systems products benefit by their ecological impact through its low carbon production, compared to traditional materials like concrete and timber.
The ‘wall’ is a new design concept of Tas Eco Systems ltd specifically designed to enhance the atmospheric quality of life for city people’s homes. The building industry in general is a very difficult movement to change. Since traditional materials are so deeply ingrained in our culture, drastic measures are needed to re-educate Architects, Developers and Suppliers attitudes alike. Now the great powers are waking up to the destruction with which regular materials are associated, they have set in motion for, 2016 a legally required zero carbon scale, whereby all new builds will be tested on their levels of sustainability.
With the introduction of our zero carbon build materials means we can begin to bring about a better understanding of the benefits of sustainable and recyclable materials to the public. This can be done in a number of ways either via College courses on green building, new Eco build projects at universities as part of a study or for the general public via build shows or DIY building material suppliers. This is why we are presently in collaboration with South Bank University and the University of East London regarding technical research of our bricks qualities.
We believe through education, we build a more solid foundation of understanding the benefits of environmentally friendly materials. Students on green courses tend to be very passionate about the environment, therefore we feel they are a good voice to connect with, so they may remind people about the importance of responsible building as well as creating new ways of implementing the use of eco build materials.

The Wall project is a very effective way of introducing and communicating the benefits of natural materials into any urban City existence. It is a very simple form to construct, easily achieved by the lay person and within its very nature, the ‘Wall’ is a living breathing metaphor for health and quality of life. Further, it is, in itself, a great present day topic of conversation for visitors of all ages about its amazing cyclical journey from soil/stalk to an actual breathable brick wall!

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