Since our Zero Carbon build products are new to the UK and are exactly what the Government require for 2016, we believe they will rapidly have a massive impact on the building industry. Our products and design build ideas complement the projects we undertake harmoniously through the low carbon impact they have on the environment. From growth source to completed properties, our carbon footprint leaves very little trail.
By using our materials:
•Fewer trees are uprooted leading to less energy consumption.
•Fewer lorries that transport felled trees are used.
•Less energy in machinery is used to process un-recyclable materials.
•More oxygen is released into the atmosphere via four crop growth harvesting per year.
•The roots of our plants possess a cleansing system that eradicate the soil of harmful chemicals and give back nitrogen.
•The leaves of our plant absorb CO
and release oxygen.
•Preservatives in wood will not be needed.
•No stud timber framing means no gypsum used.
•Our products are air dried so no heavy quantities of kiln heat needed.
•Thermal qualities are unparalleled.
Our whole ethos on sustainable life in the UK revolves around the wellbeing of its existing inhabitants, the population of the people for the future, and our children to come. We aim to supply the UK with our lovely, friendly products forever.
TAS aims to achieve all these things as part of an on-going programme that is solely funded by TAS Eco systems Ltd.
The introduction of our zero carbon build materials means we can begin to bring about a better understanding of the benefits of sustainable and recyclable materials to the public. This can be done in a number of ways either via College courses on green building, new Eco build projects at universities as part of a study or for the general public via build shows and DIY building material suppliers. This is why we are presently in collaboration with South Bank University and the University of East London regarding technical research of our materials qualities.
We believe through education, we build a more solid foundation of understanding the benefits of environmentally friendly materials. Students on green courses tend to be very passionate about the environment, therefore we feel they are a good voice to connect with, so they may remind people about the importance of responsible building as well as creating new ways of implementing the use of eco build materials.
We spend a lot of time and effort sharing news of our progress to keep people ‘in the loop’. Most of our media/publicity/network is achieved by email, meetings or online and with our membership at the London Chamber of Commerce, we make considerable progress in connecting with the relevant CEO’s of big firms to remind them that “we are here” and are part of a massive transition that is about to happen. I believe by nipping at the heels of the people at the top of the building industry reminds them that they have a social responsibility to healthy, responsible building and with respect, that profit is sometimes, not always the main focus.
The building industry in general is very difficult to change. Since traditional materials are so deeply ingrained in our culture, drastic measures are needed to re-educate architects, developers and suppliers attitudes alike. Now the great powers are waking up to the destruction with which regular materials are associated, they have set in motion for 2016 a legally required zero carbon scale, whereby all new builds will be tested on their levels of sustainability.
In 2010, I created a Television programme for Discovery Channel about recycling. This show is still frequently repeated on several Channels from Quest to Realtime. Since then, I have used that experience to lecture at sustainability festivals around England to put across the importance of recycling materials and green building.
In 2012, I was asked by Saint Gobain & Jewson’s Builders Suppliers to give a speech at the launch of their ‘Greenworks’ Training Academy for sustainable building. I had cardboard cut outs of my image in every Jewson store in the UK as well as featuring in the sustainable eco brochure which reached out to 750,000 people. This also included their email campaign. I used this time to let people know about the importance of carbon reduction and responsible building.
Getting others involved is very important to our project. Although there are certain ingredients and processes involved in the production of our materials that have taken a number of years to perfect, we may let others know how it is done. If a developer wishes to use our materials on a large project, we can put in place a small processing plant near that site and process the bricks there, minimising the need for transportation. But as a building material, there are strict rules of quality control we abide by and is why we have training facilities at our headquarters. Getting people involved is something we encourage and enjoy.

We are an SME Green build company whose main focus is driven by passion towards sustainable building. In particular, supplying the building industry with natural, 'Plant based' Zero Carbon Build Products: Specifically for load bearing brick walls, insulation for partitions and cavity walls. We replicate all the really useful, commonly used soft building materials that have more accessible applications for new builds and existing homes such as: loft insulation, thermal renders, insulation, underlay for engineered flooring and thermal renders.
We are in collaboration with UEL and Southbank University with a view to forming a course for students in understanding the nature of natural build based materials that could lead to a degree qualification
TAS was set up by recycling guru Liam Collins who created a TV show on Discovery Channel called "Fix your house for free" co-hosted by Celebrity builder Tommy Walsh. Liam sourced & recycled other peoples 'thrown away' materials and re-purposed them for low income families.
He is now introducing his unique range of 100% recyclable, sustainable hemp, clay & natural lime based building materials to the market. We aim to align ourselves in time for the introduction of the Governments 2016 'Zero Carbon Hub' directive, with an overall view to reducing the carbon impact from the build trade on society. Our building materials are highly competitive when we consider their sustainable qualities and is why we easily attained a CE rating.
We now hope, if our campaign succeeds, to change the ideology of the building industries attitude towards 'unsustainable' building materials that are so commonly used at the moment. Therefore, by building with our materials, guarantees developers & builders suppliers a product that, not only enables them to reach the minimum code 3 on the sustainability scale & further, but help to bring about a healthier, habitable environment for everyone, everywhere, forever.