TAS ECO Brick, hempbrick,insulating + loadbearing
Is our largest and strongest brick. It has special thermal and biological qualities for green-building. It is strong enough to take load bearing walls, without additional need of thermal and acoustic insulation and with high thermal accumulation capacity!
A truly remarkable building material.
TAS ECO Systems Building Brick is a solid brick made from a plant based material. This brick possesses several special qualities from thermal to Acoustic/Bio-climatic properties. The brick was developed especially for large, load bearing walls. Because it consists of natural raw materials; vegetable material, and mineral bonding agents with recycled materials, it is highly recommended for architects and owners who want to build environmentally responsible homes within a comfortable and healthier space.
By using TAS ECO Systems Bricks in outer and inner walls, Mortars in floor screeds, and Eco insulating boards, approximately 10 tons of raw product is needed for an average 100 m² home. That’s 100 kg of the raw product per m², replacing and avoiding toxic and non-environmental friendly materials like reinforced concrete for example. With the application of renewable raw materials in the building industry, one preserves the natural resources and avoids the high energy expenditure and landscape destruction with which the dismantling and the transformation of these raw materials is connected.

When building with vegetable materials one retains a vast quantity of CO2 and reduces its impact on the environment.

TAS ECO systems Bricks really benefit greatly from its excellent thermal characteristics. Our plant’s amazing thermal conductivity is simply not comparable to matted brick/wood or similar. Since it has no nutrients (proteins), it is not attacked by parasites. Further, it is not treated in any way during cultivation, or throughout its production process.

The mineral components of the TAS ECO BRICK in particular are responsible for its mechanical hardness, its incredible density and excellent thermal inertia. The result is, a brick of low thermal conductivity (0,1875 W/ m•K) and high specific thermal capacity (1303 kJ/ m3•K), giving it unimaginable thermo-physical characteristics to protect against both, cold and hot climate periods. All this with ‘one Brick’ wall of minimal thickness without additional insulation!

Within the bonding agents, natural materials are used, like loam and limes. These materials have very small energy expenditure in their production and possess, in addition, natural and bioclimatic characteristics. Lime is, contrary to cement, subject to a closed cycle CO2 output when its production resembles the CO2 absorption with its hardening. The components of the TAS ECO BRICK therefore possess characteristics, which create a healthy room climate and a pleasant acoustic harmony. They not only help provide clean air but they adjust the air humidity too!
It works extremely well on the mortars, renders, plasters and paints collectively.
The brick is a solid, earth-coloured brick of rough or smooth texture, which is not fired but air dried. This equates to very low energy in its production and, by contrast with other conventional materials, it is able to breathe.
Although TAS’s brick is designed for a long life time, similarly alongside historical building materials, it actually gets harder with age! And unlike cement, recycling or re-utilization is easy. Our bricks can be demolished, powdered and reconstituted for production as a brick or hemp-mortar once more, avoiding landfill completely.

WHOLE BRICK: 29 x 14 x 10cm
HALF BRICK: 14 x 14 x 10cm

THREE QUARTER: 21 x 14 x 10cm

CUSTOM MADE: 3/4brick, 7cm h